100 days 100 galleries; Day 74: Galerie Wolfsen, Tiendeladen Denmark

Company Profile: artwolfsen.com aims to promote graphics and other works on paper by promoting leading graphics in the Nordic region. The online exhibition profile emphasizes the goal of showing the audience that graphics are an independent artistic expression on the contemporary art scene.

Carlos Fentanes: When I was younger I was thinking that Beauty was an intrinsic part of an Artwork,not anymore. But my question now is: what are the intrinsic characteristics of an artwork? is it Meditation? Intellectualeness? Social concerns?
What do you think?

The gallery didn’t answer.

As an artist, when I think in my process and my creations it’s all about my and my introspection, me and my environment, the social engagement is not considered, I don’t know if I’m looking for approval I don’t think so, however this quest started because of my failure trying to find a gallery where I can show my work that’s totally contradictory. Art is contradictory.

At the Photographer – Julie Nord
Greenlandprints II – Peter Max-Jakobsen
Untitled XI – Peter Skovgaard

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