100 days 100 galleries; Day 77: Canadian Fine Arts, Yorkville ON

Canadian Fine Arts (CFA), located in the Yorkville neighbourhood of Toronto features paintings for sale by important historical Canadian Masters, such as Cornelius Krieghoff, James W. Morrice, Lawren Harris, and Jean Paul Riopelle. CFA Gallery is built on a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise. For over 45 years, we have shared our passion for the contributions and accomplishments of Canadian artists, believing it is an essential requirement to understand the complexities of an artist practice in order to define value and importance, and to empower collectors with the knowledge  to build significant collections.

Carlos Fentanes: When I look at a painting, sometimes I also spend time looking how it is framed, how it’s hanged, how the space can be transformed by an object.
I would like to see more of your space, not only the artworks.

Canadian Fine Arts: Hi Carlos! Thank you for your suggestion 😊. We will definitely include exhibition views in the future 👍 thanks for following!

OK, that’s a good strategy: An advice about their posts. If you see something that can be better on a page or a post you can do suggestions and with that, start a conversation and engage with the prospect gallery. Everybody wins.

After 77 days visiting galleries on Instagram I think I have some experience in Instagram posts, what the galleries are doing and what posts are more appealing to their public. I can use that on my favor, why not?

Lauren Harris
Pic Island c. 1924
Harold Town
Snap #88, 1974
John W. Beatty
Spring, Algonquin Park

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