100 days 100 galleries; Day 78: Rice Polak Gallery, Provincetown, MA

The Rice Polak Gallery’s collection includes paintings, pastels, assemblages, photography, sculpture, digital & mixed media and installations. In addition to ongoing group exhibitions the Rice Polak Gallery presents solo exhibitions where the work of mid-career and emerging artists are featured. The gallery looks forward to their continued participation in the vibrant culture of art fairs in Miami, New York, Boston and other prominent cities throughout the country. 

Carlos Fentanes: I’ve seen your gallery through your posts, there are some artworks that are shown like a mosaic, or salon style.
What’s better, the salon style or the classic gallery show?

The gallery didn’t answer

Yep, another gallery that doesn’t check their messages or if they did they didn’t bother to answer. After checking almost 80 galleries now I can tell that those galleries that didn’t answer their messages in most of the cases are not serious galleries and they are in the business just because they don’t know another way of making money.

This gallery is not Gagosian or represents Koons in North America. No, it’s just an ordinary gallery in a small town in Massachusetts, they sell landscapes and paintings of cows and farm animals, they are not the busiest gallery in the world so why not answer an innocent question about how to arrange your artworks?

How do they know that I’m not a future customer? What this mean for their artists?

Checking in their website they have a submission policy:
The gallery is currently at capacity and  is not actively seeking new work.  However we can accept submissions in the form of jpegs or links to websites via email, or CDs and portfolios via the post. Please include a SASE if you would like your materials returned. The gallery will contact the artist if a further connection is desired.


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