100 days 100 galleries; Day 79: Galerie Z22, Berlin Germany

Since October 2014, the traditional Wilmersdorf has taken the risk of showing internationally established art. Founded as a producer gallery , the gallery develops into a hot spot that shows idiosyncratic and strong artist positions and offers accompanying offers, such as movie nights, readings or performances. The goal of the gallery is not only to be a contact point for experienced collectors of top-class art, but also to advise art novices and to offer you high-quality art at affordable prices. That is why the range of services offered by the gallery, in  addition to the originals, includes special editions and multiples. Likewise, art can be rented on request. The gallery  is committed to reducing inhibitions and creating space in which exciting and quality art is shown, but at the same time invited to linger and to dialogue.  The gallery  Z22  is a member of the Regional Association of Berlin Galleries .

Carlos Fentanes: Hallo, ich habe deinen letzten Beitrag gesehen und sie erinnern sich an Musik von Serialisten wie Phillip Glass. Ich mag sie.

The gallery didn’t answer

In this occasion I tried to write in German but it didn’t work. I was trying to tell them that the works that they show in their gallery make me think in the serialistic musicians like Phillip Glass. I thought it was a good idea try to relate visual arts with music but nothing happens again.

Have you ever thought in music when you see a painting or an sculpture? Let’s say Alexander Calder, Mondrian or Kandinsky, they are coagulated music. I don’t know how to express this but I think you get it.

The gallery doesn’t have any information about submissions but there’s a questionnaire that you can fill up and if you’re lucky enough someday they will answer you.


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