100 days 100 galleries; Day 80: Mianki Gallery, Berlin Germany

mianki.Gallery works with a new generation of artists. It acquires its standalone profile through focusing on the use of unusual materials. Its artists form special imageries by using and working with remarkable and unique materials.
In 2008, founder and owner Andreas Herrmann consciously selected the location in the traditional artistic quarter of Schöneberg. A decision that numerous further galleries have followed.

Carlos Fentanes: Hello, I like your booth at POSITIONS, a good balance between sculpture, paintings and works on paper.

The gallery likes my comment

Well it’s better than nothing, at least I finally get a reaction from these German people: it’s really hard, believe me. So what’s next? Once you get a reaction from a gallery in German what do I have to do? Should I talk about the POSITIONS Art Fair? their artists? I realized that I don’t have a plan! I’m going to stay connected and comment in their posts and see what happens with that.

Ohne Titel #251, roller painting, 1998
Baumwollstoff (Fehlfarben) ungrundiert über Keilrahmen, Acryl-Dispersionsfarbe
280 x 200 x 5 cm
Ulrich Haug
Schichtweise XXIII, 2017
Paraffin, Beton, Bitumen
80 x 80 x 5 cm
Michael Schuster
Nach der Flut, 2014
Laub auf Papier

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