100 days 100 galleries; Day 81: Outsiders Gallery, Lyon France

Carlos Fentanes: Seeing graffiti art framed and properly hanged give it a twist in my conception of urban art and graffiti in general. It makes it serious art. I like what you’re doing.

The gallery didn’t answer.

I don’t see a reason why they don’t answer this one, is it too difficult to say thanks? I just give them a compliment about how good they are in what they’re doing. I don’t know if I would hang one of this graffiti painting in my living room, probably not but I can recognize the labor of a gallery when they do a good job. Good for them, but it’s a shame they don’t use all the tools of social media, they don’t want to use DMs or maybe they don’t speak English, I don’t know. Actually their whole website is in French, not a single word in English.

3615 Graffiti
Ink drops and old brushes

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