100 days 100 galleries; Day 82: Bugera Matheson Gallery, Edmonton AB

Bugera Matheson offers a refreshing perspective on Edmonton’s vibrant art scene and also features some of the best of contemporary artworks from artists across Canada. The gallery has been a part of Edmonton’s art scene since 1992 and keeps growing and developing along with the city’s eclectic art community.

Carlos Fentanes: When I look at a painting, sometimes I also spend time looking how it is framed, how it’s hanged, how the space can be transformed by an object.
I would like to see more of your space, not only the artworks.

Bugera Matheson Gallery: Feel free to give us a call and swing by anytime.

When I sent them the message I had no idea that three days later I would be in Edmonton, Should I call them? It’s good to know that someone in the other side of the line is reading my messages even if it’s a recycled message, yes, one of the things that I wanted to try is to recycle some messages that worked previously, and this is the case. Sometimes I’m out of ideas so I was thinking in create a format that can be use for several galleries, well, my goal is to reach 100 galleries. Why not?

In the meantime I think I should go and introduce myself in person.

Barbara Hirst
Jane Everett – Birch
Gisa Mayer

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