100 days 100 galleries; Day 83: Galerie TON (Hyper)realistic Art, Rucphen Netherlands

The contemporary art collection at TON is diverse and fascinating for both art lovers and collectors. 
In a particularly beautiful setting, we exhibit a collection of artworks from a permanent group of artists. 
These artists – from the Netherlands and beyond – are ‘Dedicated 2 TON’. 
This not only means that these artists can always see and experience works of art within our gallery walls, but that TON will also be represented with them at the leading art fairs at home and abroad.

Carlos Fentanes: When I look at a painting, sometimes I also spend time looking how it is framed, how it’s hanged, how the space can be transformed by an object.
I would like to see more of your space, not only the artworks.

The gallery didn’t answer.

I was very interested in receive an answer from this gallery but I had no luck. I checked their web page and is totally in Dutch, I barely understand what they say, thank God we have Google translate. The gallery has very little information about them but the artists pages are very well done, with a bio and info about their art. Nevertheless there’s nothing about submissions.

100 X 150 CM

FX 4

90 X 90 CM


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