100 days 100 galleries; Day 85: Gallery Henoch, New York NY

Gallery Henoch represents painters and sculptors who exemplify the best in contemporary American, European, and Asian Realism. The work exhibited comprises a wide diversity of styles and subject matter. These artists stand out for their imagination and distinctive personal approach. All reflect Gallery Henoch’s commitment to an art based on individual, subjective style and sensibility.

Carlos Fentanes: I love your posts, they are really focused on your artists, it seems that you’re proud of them, I like that but in the other hand you don’t publish anything about your space, how this wonderful Art works looks in a wall, with a frame. I would like to see more of your space.

The gallery didn’t answer.

I don’t know if it’s the month but starting September I have had less answers from galleries than in other months. I know now that September is a very busy month for galleries, it’s when most of them make the exhibition program for the whole year, there are also several art fairs from Berlin to Chicago so, don’t try to contact a gallery in September that’ll be a bad idea. But the good News are that they accept submissions:

Artist Submission Guidelines

Gallery Henoch accepts submissions for artist representation on a rolling basis throughout the year. Submissions are ONLY considered from realist artists who maintain studios in the United States. Before submitting materials, please familiarize yourself with our previous exhibitions to ascertain if your portfolio is appropriately matched for the gallery.

Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with all physical submissions/correspondence. A submission should include 8-12 images (we accept photographs or flash drives), a brief statement, resume, and contact information. E-mail submissions are accepted at submissions.galleryhenoch@gmail.com.

Please do not call the gallery. Upon review, the gallery will contact the artist/representative if further information is needed or return all materials. Due to the large number of submissions, expected response time is approximately 6 – 8 weeks.

Gallery Henoch accepts NO responsibility for any lost or misdirected materials.

Sharon Sprung, Serendipity, Oil on Panel, 42″ x 42″
Robert C. Jackson, Encounter, Oil on Linen, 40″ x 30″
Samuel Hung Smoking Robot, Oil on Panel, 36″x 36″

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