100 days 100 galleries; Day 93: The Cult House, London UK

The Cult House is a cultural platform/collectivity with constantly evolving displays for people to meet and network! 

The Cult House (TCH): Final week to apply!
ALL MEDIAS accepted.
You can apply up to 8 artworks.
The exhibition will host 30 shortlisted artists and the 3 winning artists will have a 2nd exhibition at Blacks Club-Soho/London.
And more, much more!
All applicants will be offered a basic profile with The Cult House and a VIP card from Great Art with 15% discount on art products (valid for 3 years).
Terms & Conditions to apply at:

Carlos Fentanes (CF): Hello,
I wonder how do you know that I’m a artist? How do you send this art call to the right people?

TCH: It is written on your profile and you follow us!

CF: Oh, that’s why… Thanks.
It’s because I received a mail from Banditto Gallery about an art call too but it seemed like a scam and now I don’t know who’s legit.
Sorry about this.

OK, I’m done with this kind of scam, well technically it’s not a scam because everything they promise to do it’s real. But let’s unroll this “Art Call”, what they offer?

All applicants win a basic profile to be part of The Cult House online Artist Collective Gallery
and a VIP Card from Great Art that gives 15% discount on art products valid for 3 years.

Price? Not too much, just £65 application fee (non-refundable).

How long it will take to review your submission? no more than five minutes, I can assure you, but there’s some work involved on upload the works in the webpage, maybe two minutes per work, if you submit 8 works that’s 16 minutes plus the 5 minutes of your reviewing sums 21 minutes, I’m going to round it to 20 minutes to make the math easier: so basically you are paying £65 or USD$80 for a 20 minutes review wow! that’s more than what my psychiatrist charge… with less results. That is $240.00 an hour, who do you know who earn $240.00 an hour?

And then if your are one of the luckiest lottery winners (30 to 35 shortlisted) your work will be exhibited in a brewery! Wow! that’s the best place to view art, that’s for sure!

Saatchi Art doesn’t charge for showing your artwork, well it’s true that you have to set up your page and upload your work but the exposure is much more bigger that this brewery scam.

Do you receive this invitation too? Please do you a favor, don’t apply.

Here’s an example of what you’re going to find in their page, they don’t even have a good photography, they publish what you send:

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