100 days 100 galleries; Day 94: Rarity Gallery, Mykonos Greece

Rarity Gallery was established in the heart of Mykonos in 1994. The two curators Vassilis Matsaidonis and Christos Nikolaou have dedicated their artistic mission to sharing ground-breaking contemporary artists with the public. Spearheaded by their own personal knowledge and passion for art, their goal is to offer an original and carefully curated aesthetic experience aimed at strengthening the public’s appreciation for contemporary art,
whilst honoring the artists, their exposure and their reputation.

Carlos Fentanes: What do you think about realism, photorealism and hyperrealism? Is there a market for these in Greece? Are you selling only in Greece or do you sell online too?

The gallery didn’t answer.

It is become a custom not to answer my messages so now, I can write about anything, it doesn’t matter, they don’t even bother in reading it.

But what’s the difference between this three similar styles. I remember Bullwinkle painting a black canvas and saying I only paint what I see, and when it turn to the public, he has a sign that said “blind man”, but realism is exactly that reproduce in a drawing, a painting or an sculpture what you see in nature; photorealism is based in photography: a drawing or a painting that is so precise in colors and proportions that you can think it is a photography but hyperrealism is beyond that, when an image created by a hand has more details than a photography, goes beyond anything a photography can represent. At least that what I think about this issue. And because this gallery didn’t answer it was a good excuse to wrote it down here.

Yigal Ozeri
Suzanna, 2019
Oil on canvas
Jeff Robb
Free Fall 
Paul Rousso
A Happy 20 Quid
Acrylic Paint on Hand-Sculpted Acrylic
114 x 170 x 21 cm

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