100 days 100 galleries; Day 95: HOGALLERY, Vienna Austria

Carlos Fentanes: Your space has lovely proportions. I like those galleries with not too much things but artworks, it let you focus on the work of art.

The gallery didn’t answer.

Lovely proportions in a space? What does this even mean? It’s here when you talk about the golden ratio, the growing ratio in nature that can be transpose to a rectangle. There are some spaces that keep this ratio in its proportion of the walls and floor. In the 20th century Le Corbusier wanted to establish another ratio in his buildings based in human proportion: The Modulor, but nature didn’t want to adopt it.

The website of HOGALLERY is in German and English but the English version is incomplete and half of what is on it it’s still in German, so there’s not too much information about the gallery or submissions available.

Meng Yang Yang
Maximilian Davis
Ren Jing
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LAST CHANCE TOMORROW @parallelvienna #GLOD #ONLYFEWLEFT #art #vienna

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