100 days 100 galleries; Day 96: Davis Gallery, Austin TX

Centrally located on the corner of 12th and Shoal Creek, Davis Gallery is a stimulating setting for contemplation and conversation through fine contemporary art. The permanent on-site collection, and rotating exhibitions represent the diversity and talent the gallery has to offer. This comfortable, expansive space also provides a meeting ground for many of the community’s non-profit organizations including AMOA/Arthouse, Ballet Austin and the Austin Art Alliance.

Carlos Fentanes: And then I saw a brilliant number 6 in the horizon and realized that it was unreachable so I just watched it until it disappeared.

The gallery didn’t answer.

Of curse they’re not going to answer, what is a possible answer to this nonsense. What is it mean? I don’t know I just put together random sentences. Have you ever seen a number six in the horizon? but anyways they didn’t answer anything, not even a “what?”.

There’s no information in their website about submissions, just an email for contact and an address.

Randal Ford
Young Lion (1/5)
Archival Pigment Print
48 x 48 in
Julie Speed
Fishmonger (/50), 2003
Direct polymer-gravure with hand coloring
12.75 x 10.50 in
Sam Yeates
Acrylic on Linen
30 x 24 in

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