Do you want to draw with me?

You don’t need a big pencil box or the best paper to start drawing, this drawing is made just with bic pens on a 6″ x 6″ paper

Since the beginning of this year I had the idea of upload a drawing course, but the idea of filming and talk in public is hard to take for me now, maybe in the future. but that shouldn’t be an obstacle to start something, so why not start it as a blog?

So why don’t you grab a pen and start this adventure with me.

I’ve always been of the idea that you don’t need the best pencil from Germany or the big box of color pencils from France to start drawing and that’s why I started this small Koi Pond Drawing with ballpoint pens.
Ballpoint pens are the cheapest medium that you can find, actually if you’re smart enough you can get them for free. I’m not telling you to get a patronage from a ballpoint brand such as Bic or Zebra, you just need to ask your local insurance company for a pen the will give you one for free, with their logo obviously.

Next week I will post a photo to use as a model that you can download and start drawing. You will only need a sheet of paper and a ballpoint pen, no matters which color you want to use.

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