Inspiration or Plagiarism?

Lavander Mist (After Pollock and Van Eyck)
As the title says, this piece was inspired by jackson Pollick and Jean van Eyck

La Poesía no es de quien la escribe, es de quien la necesita.”
(Poetry is not from who writes it, it is from who needs it)

El Cartero de Neruda, Antonio Skármeta

What is the purpose of art? Why we make art? I said in a previous post that Art is a kind of tool for better read a problem or a situation. It will not give you a solution, it won’t make the things more beautiful because beauty is relative and what is beauty for you could be ugliness for others.

So, Art is a tool and it reacts different in the hand of every person: think about a hammer: A carpenter can use it for nailing and joining wood but for a mechanic can be use for loosing or adjusting gears. Same hammer different uses and the same is with an artwork: Picasso painted the Guernica as a social combat, an antiwar statement but now in the 21st century in Canada, where I live right now, the interpretation will be very different and so the way it is “useful” now.

The Guernica is mine; it doesn’t belong to Picasso anymore. The same with the Meninas, the Mona Lisa or the Garden of Delights. But where’s the line between inspiration and plagiarism if I totally copy an artwork from another artist? My answer is: who cares? Art is not from who makes it, it is from who needs it, just as Skármeta wrote about poetry.

I know that there are some problems with copyrights and money and some artists are very jealous with their work and their lawyers more but I thinking on myself and my art, I am not making a living from my art so if someone can do money with it, go ahead it’s yours but please tell me how.

One response to “Inspiration or Plagiarism?”

  1. There’s a relationship between plagiarism and maybe, inspiration like I’m sure they’re more than a thousand copies of Monalisa today. Artists could have gotten inspired by Leonardo’s masterpiece. Again, I think you can earn from your art by training people, having exhibitions, and they’re sites that sell art.

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