Losing my religion

Work in progress
Flag (After Jasper Johns and IKEA)
Charcoal and Graphite / Paper

Art for me is a quest about questioning my environment: my culture and within it, Religion, Spirituality, Politics, Beauty… I am who I am because of my culture, I mean, all this baggage that I carry from my ancestors, my homeland, my friends and family… But why is so important? Can I avoid it? Is it good?

I am working right now in a small piece called “Flag (After Jasper Johns and IKEA)” and that can explain what I am referring with this. Flag as a symbol if identity that has been thought to me from my parents, my school, the political system. Do I have to accept it? What really means a flag?

Jasper Johns, “Flag,” 1954-55, encaustic, oil and collage on fabric mounted on wood (3 panels), The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, USA. Digital image © The Museum of Modern Art/licensed by Scala, NY/Art Resource, NY © 2019 Jasper Johns/licensed by VAGA at ARS, NY
This image is linked from NYT website

And then se second part of the title: after Jasper Johns and IKEA. Jasper Johns made a series of paintings about the USA Flag; it is almost his most distinctive work, again, questioning about his identity and the tradition of Art and painting in the USA against European formulas.

Dish towel, white, blue20x26 “

But then, I included IKEA, at the end my flag is a kitchen cloth from IKEA, so my identity and my work as artist should include all this stuff: my religion, my country, my shopping list, my everyday life. I can’t avoid it but I can question it to find who really I am.

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