Would you give booze to an alcoholic?

I tried to look for @corartmagazine in Instagram and this is what it shows, actually there is an account for Cor Art magazine ( Il Corriere dell’Arte) but it seems unrelated.

My name is Carlos, and I am artist. I have seen some movies and read novels about AA meetings and it seems that they start introducing themselves and acknowledging that they are addicts. Being an artist is a kind of addiction? Sometimes I found myself at the stationary department at the superstore buying pens even when I have hundreds in my shop. Yes, all the time I am trying new ballpoints from different brands, testing the point, the trace, color, durability… At the end I return to my medium point blue Bic pen.

My question here is, would you give booze to an alcoholic? Would you take to Vegas a compulsive gambler?  

So, as artist I want to show my work and I am looking for venues that are accepting submissions. In some way that was my 100 days, 100 galleries exercise. This year I have shown my work in five Art shows in North America and I have an invitation for a show next year in Mexico, well Mexico is also North America… in certain way. I cannot complain about this 2020, it has been very productive for me.

My ballpoint pen drawing “Stabat Mater” get the recognition of Best in Show at Arts Illeana Gallery in the Desiderata Show.

And then, out of nothing, I received invitations to apply to a residency, an art show or an art magazine, and I say “out of nothing” because it seems that it is not related with my art shows, my work or my art activities; it seems that it is aleatory: last week I received this letter from an Art magazine:

“Good Evening, the magazine of Modern and Contemporary Art Il Corriere dell’Arte (on Instagram as @corartmagazine) that for 20 years collected, with news related to shows, events and reviews, the national and international panorama, will reserve, for the evaluations, some spaces agreed to reviews by artists, selected by the editorial staff. We are preparing some Exhibition about it. We ask to confirm  the email, if interested / in order to be able to send the conditions of participation.


Regards, the staff


I barely understand what they are trying to say, if my English is bad, this Art professionals beat me by far. But the point is: Is this legit? Are they trying to sell me fame and fortune? Are they giving booze to an alcoholic? Well, I investigate a little more and realize that is one of those vanity magazines that post the art of those who pay no matter style, technique, experience… So basically, they are publishing the first steps of those “wanna be artists” who want to show their mom how far in the art world they are. Most of the art in their pages sucks, is not good enough for a commercial gallery, and then I wonder why do I have to apply for a page and pay I don’t know how many dollars on a publication like that? I don’t want to be sit beside those artists. No, I’m not going to pay, nor to apply for it but I have to left a testimony of what you’re going to find in the art world and not everything is ethic and not everything is about esthetic… It’s about money.

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