Countdown: 65 days until delivering my next painting.

Here’s the first trace of my new painting: a background on ocher with some brushes on blue an lines with pencil. Still not too much to see, nothing clear.

After my 100 days project something change inside me, I was the same but at the same time I feel that I have more control on what I am doing as an artist, and little by little I started to participate in art shows here in Canada and in the USA. I moved to Toronto and I was invited to a show in Santa Monica and then another here in Toronto about going out after the pandemic and then I was accepted in a virtual art gallery based in Montreal, and last month I participated in an Art show in Indiana where I was awarded as Best in Show 2D.

I did not expect anything of this, it seems as if something was changed since I finished my project and then I received an invitation for an Art Show in Mexico City next year, it is for the 30th anniversary of the gallery I used to show in Mexico, the same gallery that closes me the doors one day when I needed more than ever a support, and now they are asking me to participate. Why? And Why now?

So, they asked me to have the photos ready for the catalog in the first week of February 2021, and that is 65 days from now, the composition takes me eons to finish it and now I started to draw it into the canvas, so this new series will be about this countdown from the time you have your idea ready and the time when you deliver your finish work.

So in this first picture you’ll see some oil stains in the canvas followed by some pencil drawings, trying to find the proportions of the composition.

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