Secrets of my technique

Blue Nude
This work is traveling to the moon in a time capsule thanks to an initiative of Dr. Samuel Peralta: The Lunar Codex

Every week I started a new paragraph that supposedly will be in my blog, but I never finish, actually I barely start. So, in this small paragraphs I talk about why I paint, art fairs, drawing techniques and an endless chain of other stuff, but why I never finish them?
I’m trying to generate ideas about art and then I get bored, even if those themes are important and I found them quite interesting it’s something I don’t actually want to talk about.

For example, some people asked me about my ballpoint pen technique. How can I tell them that I developed that technique because I wanted to prove that the technique is not important, what it really matters is the ideas, so I can grab a napkin and a free pen from my hotel and do something with them, that was the important part for me and now there are people interested in teach them that, really? Why? Don’t you understand my position?
I constantly hear podcast about art, artists interviews and there’s always a space dedicated to the technique and the materials, what materials do they use? Brands and colors. Some artists are very well reserved about their techniques and never share anything as with a secret recipe and others can talk for hours about brands, colors, oils, watercolors, pencils, papers, surfaces… and then, it’s me, who use a Bic pen and a notebook stolen from a hotel. What should I do if somebody ask me about my technique?

Well, I will tell you my secret recipe: There’s no secret recipe, there’s not such thing as a better brand than another for doing art. Certainly, Rothko’s Harvard paintings would be better preserved if he used better pigments. How about Leonardo’s Last Supper? But the art is there, the idea is still there and nobody else can do it as they did it once.
So, next time you ask something to an artist don’t ask about technique, ask about ideas, because that’s what makes the world go around.

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