Murder at Tiktok Street

Last year, popular local artist, Jane Doe, had it all: a growing TikTok following, a successful art business, and a bright future. But when one of her videos is flagged and removed by the platform, her account is shadowbanned, and her following stagnates. Frustrated and resentful, Jane becomes increasingly vocal in her criticism of the platform’s censorship policies. But her anger is cut short when she is found dead in her studio, and the police are left with a puzzle: who would want to harm a seemingly innocent artist? As the investigation into Jane’s murder progresses, the list of suspects grows: her best friend, her ex-boyfriend, her rival artist, and even the TikTok algorithm that she blamed for her downfall. Each suspect has a motive and a means, but as the clues pile up and the red herrings multiply, nothing is as it seems. As the story unfolds and secrets are revealed, the real killer will be revealed and the truth behind the murder will be unraveled.

OK this looks pretty much as a Mystery Murder story and not an Art Blog. But imagine for a moment that you are this popular artist with a following growing on Instagram or Tiktok and suddenly everything fells apart because your content doesn’t seem to follow the rules and I said “Seems” because actually it is following the rules but the AI managing the site “thinks” the opposite.

My crime is being a figurative Artist and paint the human body and I’m being seen by the AI judge in charge on Instagram and Tiktok as guilty and it is taking down every single video and photo that I post. There’s nothing wrong on how I’m following the community guidelines it’s more how the AI in the front door is interpreting my work, actually the AI in the front door is not thinking, it’s just reacting against certain images. How to avoid this?

Recently I did an experiment, I made a mosaic using plastic beads, It is based on a photography that I found in the internet, a photo that most of the viewers can say is pornographic, So I made videos for Instagram and Tiktok about the process of making this porn mosaic. The result was good on Instagram, it was well received and it reach a large number of viewers, at least above the average of my regular reels and it was not censored neither by Tiktok nor by Instagram. I achieved to fool the AI Censor at the front door and up to now hasn’t been reported by the viewers.

So I see two silver linings here:

!. It’s not my followers fault not viewing my reels, actually they kind of like them, but for a long time I have been shadowbanned. So I need to find a way to make my work and my videos accessible for more people.

2. The system is not perfect and AI is quite dumb now and I can play with that on my favor.

So the crime is resolved at the end.

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