100 days 100 galleries; Day 26: Yavuz Gallery, Singapore

Established in 2010 in Singapore, Yavuz Gallery is dedicated to promoting contemporary art, predominantly from the Asia-Pacific region. Since its inception, the gallery has established itself as a key destination for showcasing a diverse group of both established and emerging artists.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): Your gallery looks like a happy gallery.
I see a lot of figurative art on your site, it seems like a trend now: less pop and more proposal. Are people getting tired of Conceptual Art and Pop Art?

Yavuz Gallery (YG): (nothing)

Nothing at all, maybe galleries are tired of artists asking silly questions to start a conversation, maybe this was not the right question or maybe, just maybe the gallery never read their DMs or they are too busy selling millions to the middle east.

I’m traveling and I woke up early to write this day but sometimes it’s frustrating to find the right words to establish a conversation, to create movement in the other side, today I failed, I have to change the questions again. At the end is trial and error.

Bree Jonson, Possibility of an Island / Body Count: 9, 2019, oil on canvas, 165 x 255 cm
Zico Albaiquni, A Survival Guide to Imagining of What Wasn’t Was, 2019, oil and giclee on canvas, 300 x 200 cm
Julian Meagher, The Space Between Here and There, 2019, oil on linen, 183 x 152 cm

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