100 days 100 galleries; Day 38: Quidley and Co., Nantucket MA, Naples, FL, Westport CT

Carlos Fentanes (CF): How do you handle to control three galleries in very different cities with very different tastes?
Does it become like franchises?
Like McDonald’s? How do you keep quality versus quantity?

Obviously the gallery didn’t answer.

I have a bad feeling about this post, my wife asked me in the morning why I am so upset with the mass shooting in the weekend, we don’t even live in the USA.

I have the feeling that I have to talk about it even if this is not the channel for that.

But I’m Mexican and this is affecting me, what happened in El Paso was an act of terrorism pushed by a campaign of hate to gain votes, how many votes for a human life? I’m done.

America was an example of unity and freedom and now this.

I want you to check this post from the Instagram page of Quidley and Co. and tell me how many Hispanics, Afro-Americans or Indigenous do you see:

Can I blame the gallery? The city? Art? But this is America now.

So, should I add Race or Origin to one of the causes galleries in the States are not answering my DMs? C’mon! my name is Carlos, just because of my name they know I’m Hispanic what about if my last name was Rockefeller? Are some galleries in the States racists too? By no way I’m saying that Quidley is driven by a racism spirit, no I don’t think so but America society is very divided and freedom is very fragile there and we need to say it. I told you I have a bad feeling about this. I’m done for today, I don’t have words.

Aron Belka
Carlos Madrid

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