100 days 100 galleries; Day 40: Absolute Art Gallery, Belgium

Carlos Fentanes (CF): I like your name: Absolute.
Absolute marvelous

They never answer.

I’m trying to engage a conversation talking about something it’s important to them or at least something that I thought is important but this time didn’t work. I know August is a difficult month on Europe, is when everybody take vacations.

But anyway, I’m going to test new forms of conversation engaging, what if I ask about something they like, like a person or a thing, it can be one of the artists in the gallery or a work of art, maybe a place like the local art gallery or the street where they are located. These are ideas to explore in the next posts, but I think they have potential.

Each time I don’t get answer I wonder why? not because it’s important my question but because it seems that they don’t want to say anything, they prefer to be in silent, quiet. Why? How can this be an strategy of communication?

It’s like: “Hey, you can put your comments to this post; I’m not going to red them!”

No, that’s not serious, actually you can comment and I’ll be very happy to read you.

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