100 days 100 galleries; Day 41: Jen Tough Gallery, California

The gallery is located in the historic Benicia Arsenal in Benicia, California. Gallery programming includes an exhibition schedule of group and solo shows of emerging and mid-career artist, art fairs and numerous popups. We also offer workshops taught by some of the country’s best art instructors in our adjacent space.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): I don’t know if it’s just me but your gallery seems a very joyful place, I would like to be there and just stay.

Jen Tough Gallery (JT): Thank you!

Carlos Fentanes (CF): It’s like no other gallery: the fountain, the garden, the brick wall. The other galleries are cold. And I think that’s reflected in the works of art. Is it the spirit of the city or the owner?

I love this gallery, their project is very interesting, in one gallery they have a show called Women in the Abstract 2; a show exclusively about Abstract Art made by women.

Here’s some data about women artists from hyperallergic:

Breaking down a data set of 1,300 artists represented at 45 of the top commercial galleries in New York City, the students confirmed a gender ratio of 70/30 for men and women. Within that 30%, more than 80% of the women artists were white. Overall, women artists of color represented just 5.6% of the entire dataset — a shocking statistic when you consider that overall, women of color make up approximately 17%of the U.S. workforce.

So the mere fact of finding a show with only women is an oasis in this crazy racist, white male Art World.

But not just that in their other gallery in San Francisco they having a show of the wonderful artist Kate Kretz about Trump campaign and is gorgeous! It’s politically incorrect and that fascinates me. They are brave and if I was the Michelin guide of the art galleries I’ll give them 3 stars happily because of their space and their content and all the surprises in the art they show.

As an artist I want tho show my work in this gallery, sadly they don’t accept submissions right now.

I’m still looking for gallery representation and I’m still don’t know how to crack the secret code of get into the Art Gallery World, my strategy is trying to engage a serious conversation about art with a gallery and from there start a relationship, but I still can’t go further of two or three sentences and a thank you. Should I be more cynical? I should try next time.

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