100 days 100 galleries; Day 42; Thinkspace Art Gallery, Culver City, CA

Thinkspace was founded in 2005; now in LA’s Culver City Arts District, the gallery has garnered an international reputation as one of the most active and productive exponents of the New Contemporary Art Movement. Maintaining its founding commitment to the promotion and support of its artists, Thinkspace has steadily expanded its roster and diversified its projects, creating collaborative and institutional opportunities all over the world. Founded in the spirit of forging recognition for young, emerging, and lesser-known talents, the gallery is now home to artists from all over the world, ranging from the emerging, mid-career, and established.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): Can you name your top five favorite artists of your gallery and your top five works of art?

They didn’t answer.

It is always harder to get an answer from galleries in big cities and that’s the case with this gallery in LA area, maybe they’re busier than galleries in small cities; but in the other hand they have a very good website with a lot of information about past, present and future exhibition about their gallery and their artists so it is worth to take a look at it the link is clicking the top photo.

Take a look at MATTHEW GRABELSKY Jungle Train. Their paintings, yes they are paintings, show people in the underground train with heads of animals.

“The Great Escape”
“Night at the Museum”

It looks by how the information is set that the gallery is very active, they also have a shop in their website, and they have detailed info of each work of art even measurements in inches and centimeters and information about submissions; they are not actively seeking submissions but they can review your material is you think it’ll fit with what they have in their gallery (i.e. new contemporary, pop surrealism, outsider, graffiti, street art, etc.).

United States
Acrylic glass on aluminum dibond
38″ × 26″
97 × 66 cm
Abigail Goldman
United States
“The Secret To Our Roses”
Mixed media sculpture
10″ × 10″ × 10″
25 × 25 × 25 cm
Alex Garant
“All Is Well”
Oil on canvas
20″ × 30″
51 × 76 cm

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