100 day 100 galleries; Day 43: Dacia Gallery, New York NY

Dacia Gallery: is a contemporary art gallery presenting museum quality solo and group exhibitions of established and emerging artists in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Since 2010, Dacia has gained extensive attention among collectors and art connoisseurs by mounting increasingly ambitious representational, landscape and abstract exhibitions, which have included notable artists: Noah Buchanan, Erin Anderson, Janet A. Cook, Max Ginsburg, Travis Little, Daniel Maidman, Christopher Pugliese and Patricia Watwood. Dacia’s success is a result of a fresh and unconventional approach as to what a gallery should encompass, and by partnering with artists to build a strong community of like-minded individuals willing to support and promote each other’s achievements. In addition, exhibiting artists are always present at our opening receptions where we invite them to give an artist talk and to meet and greet the admiring public. As The Epoch Times notes, Dacia Gallery is ‘A Gallery Where Artists Are The First Priority’.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): What is special about David Scoven? I have seen just a few posts from your gallery and he reminded me Robert Mapplethorpe, some kind of intimacy and solitude.

I didn’t receive any answer.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m doing this to find out how to communicate with an Art Gallery, how to engage them in a conversation that in the future can lead us to work together. So it’s not so important to have an answer from them or what they think about this artist or a city or the Art market. My goal is to create an effective script that I can use in the future and shared through my blog with everybody. And in that sense I don’t mind to choose galleries by their size or their location, I’m doing this exercise randomly, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, if it’s in New York or in Guatemala.
Dacia Gallery is a different gallery because they have an open submission policy the whole year, they are looking for new talent everyday and this is part of their business too: they charge $35 for submission, they have shows every month and every month they open submissions so let’s do an exercise: They are located in New York and they have more than 5,500 followers on Instagram: if 10% of these followers submit their work (550 artists) it’s an income of $19,250 monthly, not so bad, definitely they can pay the rent, maybe something else; but in the other hand the artists have a real opportunity to show their work in a gallery in New York city, I think it’s a win win situation.

Second Pointe by Janet Cook, Oil on Panel, 48×48, $10,000

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