100 days 100 galleries; Day 44: Beers London, London UK

Since 2012, BEERS London has rapidly forged an international reputation for itself as one of London’s lead, forward-thinking gallery spaces. The gallery works with both emerging and mid-career artists to present an exhibition programme that is dedicated to the exploration of diverse thematic, aesthetic, and political concepts, while highlighting an approach to contemporary art that is both progressive and thought-provoking. In 2016, the gallery – owned and operated by Canadian Kurt Beers – began to shift its focus to represent its Canadian identity; today the gallery maintains a roster of artists that includes leading Canadian contemporary artists like Kim Dorland, Kathryn MacNaughton, Gord Bond, Andy Dixon and Andrew Salgado.

Carlos Fentanes (CF): I saw your post about Edward, it’s very interesting.
How do you find him? What’s his story?

Beers London (BL): Thank you.
A collector friend of the gallery spent time with him.
We thought it might be good for next year.

It’s seems that talk about what passionate them works and I also learn new things. Now I found another way to connect to a gallery: through collectors, a collector can be a point of contact, a referral. So, I need also to make connections with collectors… How can I do that? Where can I find them? If I could find a collector that buy my art I will be in the other side but that’s the problem I don’t have any collector who wants to buy my art; that’s why I’m looking for a gallery. Everyday when I think I am starting to master this part of communication and networking it shows up something else, now it’s collectors, another piece of the puzzle. Yes, of course, galleries also needs collectors, that’s their business. Can you imagine a gallery with no collectors, just artists? That’s crazy, right? Then where the collectors are? What are they doing? Why they want to spend their money on works of art? More unsolved questions for the days to come.
Are you a collector? Do you want to “invest” on my work? Would you mind if you talk with your friends in the gallery about me an my work? OK, I think that’s not going to work but I need to find them.


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